Neighbours Roundup

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Oliver and Carmella finally agree to part ways – and Oliver blasts Ringo for his interfering, but he soon finds a shoulder to cry on in the form of Elle, who is herself suffering from Paul’s rejection. One thing leads to another, but they vow to keep their rendezvous a secret.Ringo, meanwhile, reacts badly to Carmella’s rejection, speeding off dangerously in her ute, which he crashes into the Garage, narrowly missing Susan and Karl. Ringo’s rushed to hospital, and desperately needs a rare blood transfusion. What will Rachel say when she returns from Adelaide?Frazer realises Ringo’s acting up because he doesn’t know how to handle his emotions and resolves to talk with his mum and get the truth from her about what really happened to their dead brother. Reluctantly, Prue reveals that Frazer’s baby brother Paul drowned on Christmas Day when Frazer was a toddler. But when Frazer learns that he stood and watched Paul drown, he realises his parents blamed him for his brother’s death! Gail finally convinces Paul to reconnect with Elle and he couldn’t be happier with the result of regaining his daughter. Playing happy families seems to be catching, too, as Paul and Gail kiss, but just when things seem to be perfect Gail backs out and returns to Tasmania.Adam and Pepper’s romance also heads for the rocks after some interference from a protective Steiger, and after a disastrous dinner date Pepper orders Adam from her house.Mickey is missing his mum and fails to respond to Ned’s discipline. Janae comes to the rescue and urges Ned to come clean to Mickey about being his father – and not a moment too soon, for when Kirsten finally returns she declares Ned must care for Mickey indefinitely.Toadie enters Charlie into the baby competition and, flushed with success, believes he can create winners and offers to be Steph’s campaign manager for the up-coming council elections.Lou and Zeke realise they are holding Lolly back and reluctantly agree that she should return home to her family, and Caleb shocks Sky when he buys her an expensive gift. Boyd and Janelle uncover the truth about Caleb and convince him to return home. But before he goes Caleb springs a startling surprise on Sky a passionate kiss.

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