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A Place in the SunA Place in the Sun : Home or Away is not like your ordinary property show . This one focuses on providing prospective buyers with a choice – to purchase in the UK or overseas and usually in a sunny clime. Buy a house is a difficult decision at best and whether or not to emigrate, adds an extra dimension. There are two presenters who help people to find their dream home – Jonnie Irwin in the UK and Jasmine Harman abroad. There is some rivalry between the two of them and usually the sunnier location wins. The programme has featured the Algarve, the Dordogne in France, Poland, Larnaca, Alicante and the Dolomites in Italy.

This week’s buyer is Stella Jones on London. She has two daughters and grandchildren. One daughter lives in London whilst the other is in Italy, so Stella has a tricky decision to make. She has around £250,000 and has set her heart on either moving to Brighton or moving to the Veneto region in Northern Italy. Stella took her sister with her to view the various properties

Of all the properties shown, it was a surprise to see something within budget in the centre of Venice.  The two-bedroomed apartment overlooked one of the central canals, was on an upper floor (important as Venice is prone to floods) and dated back to the 17th century. It had a spectacular view and needed a little work on it, but had good sized rooms and would probably hold value. However, Stella felt that she could get more for her money in terms of space and surrounding land and preferred a old mill.  In the end, she made a decision to move to Brighton, as she would have more of a social life than in Italy. Pity she could not afford the two locations!

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  1. Robert Spiteri says:

    My partner and I are both early retirees on occupational pensions and would very much like to find our home in Italy or the south of England.
    We have looked at Spain and very nearly bought a new build but luckily that didn’t materialise.
    We also spent three months in France, in Minerva, but alas didn’t find our home there either.
    Last year we spent three months in Puglia and fell in love with Italy, but not necessarily Puglia. One of us can speak a bit of Italian but the understanding is quite a bit more.
    We have two houses in the UK, one we live in and one we let. Between them we have a reasonable equity available to us.
    Can you help?