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Donal MacIntyreDonal MacIntyre is an investigative journalist who makes documentaries about his findings. He first came to prominence as an undercover journalist and received awards for his work on “World in Action” and later had his own series – MacIntyre Investigates.

In his new series – MacIntyre’s Underworld – he examines the criminal underworld – The first episode of the series is entitled “Wayne’s World” as it is based on Wayne Hardy. MacIntyre first came across former drug dealer. Hardy 10 years ago when he was conducting an investigation. He revisits Hardy who is now claiming to have gone straight.

It seems that life has treated Wayne Hardy rather badly of late:

  • His 8 year old son is terminally ill and likely to die before adulthood.
  • His brother Dean was on an attempted murder charge for slashing an American with a knuckleduster. He eloped to Tenerife.  The documentary featured the funeral of his brother– where Dean’s body was placed in a horse drawn carriage. The funeral was attended by friends, family and many underworld members.
  • Whilst Wayne was in prison, his girlfriend suffered from post-natal depression and killed their 11 month old daughter and herself. Their bodies were cremated and the programme showed Wayne’s regret of that decision (rather than a burial).
  • Wayne’s daughter was battling with a heroin addiction and taking methadone to try to come off the habit. She had married a man, Jim, who was 22 years her elder but unable to look after her properly. Wayne and the rest of the family were determined to help her to stop the habit (especially as she has once slashed her wrists). The love between Wayne and his daughter was evident as he held her to get her through withdrawal symptoms.

This was an interesting programme and showed that the former gangster had a sensitive side, as he battled with tragic events. It also showed that in the end “crime does not pay”.

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