Hell’s Kitchen: The Final

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Barry McGuiganHell’s Kitchen was the perfect antidote to get you over having “End of Big Brother Blues”, but it has just come to an end , with Barry McGuigan, King of Mash, being a worthy winner. The first series of Hell’s Kitchen was the brainchild of Gordon Ramsay, with Angus Deayton acting as host. . For this series the Chef changed, but the format remained pretty much the same. Ten celebrities tried their hand at cooking under the charge of a Top Class chef for two weeks. They fed a restaurant full of celebrities (for free) and two teams were in competition with each other.

The chef for this series was 3-Michelin-starred Marco Pierre White, who was even more rude and hot-tempered than  Gordon Ramsay, but with not as much swearing. If he did not like the diners, he asked Nick, the Maitre d’ to throw them out. John Mccririck and wife had come with their picnic hamper just in case (and they had to use it). Marco did not rate Carol Thatcher (he liked her mother), but Tony Anstis managed to get away with walking up to the pass and identifying a hair in his pudding. It was a wonder that there were any diners left.  However, Marco did show that he was an inspirational leader who, despite being initially scary (that wolf-like glare), looked after his team of budding chefs.  The line up of celebrities was:

  • singer, Paul Young
  • boxer, Barry McGuigan
  • singer, Lee Evans
  • comedian, Jim Davidson
  • presenter and former Big Brother winner, Brian Dowling
  • presenter, Anneka Rice
  • actress, Adele Silva
  • model, Abigail Clancy
  • actress, Kelly LeBrock
  • newspaper editor, Rosie Boycott

From not being able to cook an egg, the celebrities learned how to cook mussel soup, butchery skills (of pigeons, lobster, deer, pig’s trotters) and how to run a kitchen. Paul’s Fish Pie was the toast of the town, as was Barry’s mash and shepherd’s pie, Adele’s vegetables, soups and garnishes and Brian’s pastries and  puddings. Paul, Barry, Brian and Adele were finalists and showed that they could work hard and cook dishes that food critics were impressed with.

Against all of the odds the celebrities managed to feed 76 customers, night after night and achieve impressive ratings, but not without tears, rages, upset, burning themselves and turning into mini Marcos (complete with trademark bandanas) .

Barry McGuigan showed his fighting spirit and what a true champ that he is!

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