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Gavin and StaceyGavin and Stacey is one of a new breed of British sitcoms such as Ideal, Roman’s Empire and Help, which have a great storyline, good casts and entertaining, yet vulnerable characters. It stars comedy actors Mathew Horne as Gavin, and James Corden as his best friend, Smithy, and also includes Alison Steadman playing Gavin’s mum and Rob Brydon as Stacey’s “ Uncle Bryn”.

The sitcom follows Gavin and Stacey, an engaged couple in their home towns of Billericay in Essex and Barry Island in South Wales, respectively. Thy have been having a long-distance romance and this is the first time that nice guy, Gavin has been in love. Last night’s episode featured the pair’s Stag and Hen nights. Stacey was clearly worried about what fiancé Gavin would get up to and insisted on him keeping is phone on and being available. It was a true lads’ night out as they all got drunk and ate kebabs. Stacey’s night was more interesting as, egged on by best friend, Nessa, she was subjected to the delights of PC Lovelength, a stripper-gram, who proceeded to but squirty cream on his manhood for Stacey to lick off.

After their nights out Gavin travelled to Cardiff to see Stacey and Uncle Bryn insisted that he had a stag party (he had not been invited to the original party and so thought that a night had not been organised). Gavin’s friend Smithy (and soon to be best man), turned up. The three – Gavin, Bryn and Smithy sat in a weakly populated pub with furry antlers on their head – a joy to see! An ex-boyfriend of Stacey’s turned up at the stag night and asked Gavin what it was like to be the 6th. Apparently Stacey had been engaged 5 times before Gavin and he thought that it was the first time for both of them. He was clearly upset that he did not know the truth. With the wedding only a week away, is it all off? What next for Gavin and Stacey?

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