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Never Mind the Buzzcocks logoNever Mind the Buzzcocks is a comedy quiz show about popular music. It has a host – Simon Amstell (but formerly presented by “fifties throwback”, Mark Lamarr and two teams of three. The programme has been running since 1996.

Tonight’s episode was a repeat and Simon Anstell started out by making a public but half-hearted apology to Preston and Chantelle. Preston had walked off the previous week’s show after Simon had read extracts of Chantelle’s autobiography in a mischievous fashion. Simon Anstell has a posh geeky appearance but a caustic wit.

The two teams for tonight were:

  • Bill Bailey (captain)
  • Romeo Stodart of group, Magic Numbers
  • Comedian Russell Howard
  • Phill Jupitus (captain)
  • Nick Hoult up and coming actor
  • Midge Ure

The programme has a regular format of rounds, starting with the Who did what?

Two videos were shown of Take That and Madonna with the question of “Who lobbied the government with a solution to World-wide nuclear waste?” Apparently it was Madonna who made the government aware of a magic Kabbalah fluid to clear up the waste (and was probably not taken seriously).

The next round was the Intros round where two of each team perform introductions to a song by making noises of guitars, drums , other instruments without singing, whilst the other team member tries to guess the tune and the artist. This is quite entertaining as the tunes performed rarely sound like the originals and Nick Hoult, the youngest of the team members had to be helped through. Nick is better known for his acting on “Skins” and it was revealed that Simon Anstell had co-written one of the episodes.

The next round was for the teams to identify an artist of yesteryear from a set of 5 people (some of whom bear no resemblance to the artist in question). This was an easy round for Phill’s team as candidate no.1 kept laughing and nodding whilst questions and comments were made about her former group, Cleopatra. Phill revealed that his usual method of identification is by examining footware.

The last round is where the teams have to identify the next lines of some lyrics. This is usually the point at which artists on the panels can not remember their own lyrics and this was true of Romeo Stodart. The in-joke for this round was that Midge Ure did not receive much credit for either Bandaid or Live 8, whilst Bob Geldolf had received a knighthood. Thus, most of the answers were related to Bob Geldolf.

Never Mind the Buzzcocks is one of those shows where you even look forward to seeing the repeats.

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