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SaxondaleThursday night is definitely comedy night on BBC2. Sandwiched between Mock the Week and That Mitchell and Web look is Saxondale. This is a comedy programme written by Steve Coogan (better known as Alan Partridge or Pauline Calf) and Neil Maclennan, and is now in its second series. It follows the life of Tommy Saxondale, a former roadie who now drives a yellow Ford Mustang and lives in a suburban well-to do housing estate in Stevenage. He lives with this girlfriend Magz (Ruth Jones, Nessa of “Gavin and Stacey” and the Welsh barmaid in “Little Britain”) and runs a pest control company.

This is definitely not a programme for the feint hearted and the humour could be quite offensive as it features stereotypical characters. As with Alan Partridge, the humour is knowing the behaviour of the central character is not quite right. The programme has the shock car-crash humour of the Office.

Tonight’s episode started with Tommy in a group therapy session speaking about homosexuals in a non-PC manner. He then went on to have an argument with a ticket inspector (played by Mike off The Young Ones) at his local train station and called him a Nazi and refused to pay for his ticket. This led to a court appearance for Tommy where he defended himself and needed to obtain character witnesses.

The ticket inspector arrived in the court room accompanied by a walking stick and Tommy cross-examines him to find that he can indeed walk. He tells the jury that they should not be swayed by “stick-based impediments” He calls his star character witness – in the shape of “Keanu Reeves” who says the ticket inspector is mean . Tommy then assassinates his character by revealing that he is a rent boy!

If you can attune to the humour, this programme is a “grower”.

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