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Doc MartinDoc Martin is set in the hamlet of Portwenn, close to Port Isacc in North Cornwall, and has just started a new series. Dr. Martin Ellingham is the local GP and is played by Martin Clunes. He is known as Doc Martin by the locals and is an unusual doctor in that he does not like patients. He has a terrible bedside manner, is rude, obnoxious and can not stand the sight of blood.

Louisa is the headmistress of the local school and is his on/off love interest. She faints when outdoors, whilst teaching her class and the concerned doctor thinks she is anaemic. Because of the history between them, Louisa is not comfortable to answer questions of a personal nature and is considering changing her GP.

A local dinner lady, Alison Lane, brings in her daughter, Delph, for a consultation. The girl has become rather restless of late and has taken to jumping up and down on teachers’ cars (and subsequently expelled from school). Whilst in the surgery, Delph has a go on the blood pressure machine, climbs on the consultation bed and then walks out. Alison asks what is wrong with her daughter and is annoyed that Doc Martin can find no medical illness or injury . He responds by saying that the girl is “very annoying”. Alison is worried that it is something more than being naughty and is desperate for Delph to pass her assessment with an educational psychologist, so that she can return to school.

Meanwhile, a new PC is assigned to the area and Doc Martin catches him asleep in his police car. The PC attends the surgery and falls asleep whilst talking – a classic case of narcolepsy,  as a result of a kick in the head by a horse 2 years ago. The bored  receptionist, Pauline,  takes a bribe from the policeman to get his prescription for him (he thinks if he gets the prescription himself, that the villains will think he is soft).

Whilst in the surgery, Alison Lane spots a bottle of Ritalin on Pauline’s desk (intended for the policeman).  In children with Attention Deficit Disorder, the drug has a calming effect but has the opposite effect for adults and adolescents.

Doc Martin spots Delph jumping up and down on a car and then on a trailer full of hay before falling head first through a glass door of a shop. The Doctor takes quick action and calls for Pauline to bring some medical supplies.  Alison Lane later reveals that she gave her adolescent daughter Ritalin (causing her to be more hyperactive) and that she, herself was on diet pills (which Delph probably took as well and led to her being restless).

Doc Martin ends the programme with his usual brand of insult, telling Alison Lane that she needs to find an alternative method of weight loss. When she asks him, “Such as?”  he replies , “keeping your mouth shut”. Classic television.

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