Coronation Street Roundup – September 26, 2007

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Showing her usual lack of control, Cilla is convinced that she’s about to inherit a fortune from Frank and wastes no time in rubbing everyone’s noses in it. But is she just setting herself up for a fall? It certainly seems so, when she turns up for the reading of the will and receives just £500 – along with a long line of other women.

Devastated, she returns home and decides to flog some possessions to make ends meet, and where better to start than the necklace Frank gave her…?

Sarah writes some wedding invitations, but David slyly addresses one to Todd. Is this part of his plan to ruin the nuptials?

Meanwhile, Jerry’s plans with Eileen continually seem to clash with Jodie and Lloyd’s budding romance. Will the young lovers ever get a chance to be together, or will Jodie spend the rest of her life as her dad’s unpaid nanny?

Feeling guilty after Violet’s scare, Sean vows to give up the partying and be a ‘born-again dad’ and Violet and the baby come first. But does Violet want Sean to be a dad to her baby?

At the Italian, Leanne’s good mood after a great review of the restaurant in a local magazine is dampened by a leaky loo and Roger’s heavy hints that she should start to repay her debt to him. 

And speaking of debts, Paul almost runs into two heavies – Gary and Stuart – at the restaurant. Stuart explains to Leanne that Paul used to work for him and on top of other indiscretions, he stole £500 from the till that he wants back.

If Leanne is still unaware of Paul’s shady side, Molly and Tyrone are all too aware, as Paul persuades Jack and Vera to take a break to Blackpool. Although keen to get a flat with Tyrone, Molly decides they must stay put to keep an eye on Paul.

But when Gary and Stuart force Leanne to tell them where they can find Paul, will Tyrone come to his aid?

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