Emmerdale Roundup September 26, 2007

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With a cunning combination of conciliation, alcohol and sex, Eli manages to succeed in swiping Debbie’s mobile and laptop containing, he hopes, all the evidence of his illicit kiss with Kelly. Will this be the end of Debbie’s devious blackmailing?

Kelly can at least now enjoy her hen night at the Woolpack – until she finds out that Viv has hired strippers after all, in the motley shape of Bob, Jamie and Marlon. Will the Emmerdale Chippendales do the full monty?

Kelly makes the mistake of leaving Debbies phone switched on in her bag, and while she prepares for her wedding it rings and Scarlett answers… Will Kelly’s secret be revealed after all?

Groom-to-be Jimmy won’t be wearing white either, though, after his kiss with Carrie. And when she comes into possession of an important letter it seems she could hold the key to Jimmy and Kelly’s future happiness. Will she do the right thing?

Through all this it seems Debbie will be left alone and friendless in the village, until Lisa invites her to lunch at the Dingles where she’ll be looking after Sarah. Could Debbie at last be about to discover her inner-parent?

Elsewhere it seems Diane’s lies could catch up with her when Jack spots her talking to John the drayman, only to be told that he is gay. Later, Billy turns up and Victoria overhears him and Diane discussing their relationship.

And there’s a new face in town as Paddy’s policeman cousin Ross arrives, and it seems the amorous pc is keen to ttake down the particulars of all the young ladies in the village. Will he cop off during his visit?

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