Hollyoaks Roundup September 26, 2007

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The students decide to throw a party to celebrate Kris returning and John Paul moving in, but when the boiler stops working, Jessica gets Danny to fix it on the cheap. Needless to say, this is not a good move.

Mercedes sees Russ arrive with new girl Summer, and Katy is gutted when Justin turns up. He storms out, unaware that he may never see her alive again.

Luckily, Justin returns to find all the students unconscious. He drags them out one by one and rings for an ambulance. As the door of one of the bedrooms is broken down, Mercedes is stunned to see Carmel and Russ unconscious in each other’s arms. 

When Katy wakes up to her gallant rescuer, Justin, she tells him that she wants to get back together, but soon seems to lose interest again. Will a grand gesture rekindle her love?

Jessica, meanwhile, is in a panic and tells Danny to keep quiet about the boiler, but Myra finds out that the carbon monoxide leak was their fault.

Faint heart ne’er won fair maid, and OB tells Max that if he wants to be with Steph he has to make a move and tell her. Max makes his move and, despite their differences, the couple start dating – much to the annoyance of Tom, who finds it hard watching Steph dating his big brother. But will the chalk-and-cheese pairing last?

Rhys has no such worries. After a great date, he takes Beth back to his parents’ house, where she tells him that she doesn’t see the point in taking things slowly!

Later, however, it looks like she may not be so keen, as she doesn’t call him.
It’s Jacqui’s birthday, but all she can think about is the impending visit from the adoption officer, and Tony worries that her chequered past may come back to haunt her.

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