Neighbours Roundup

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Oliver’s surprised at the intensity of his own fury when Rebecca walks out on him, but his determination to put her behind him is undermined when Rebecca issues an ultimatum: they can get to know each other but only on her terms.

Oliver agrees to meet his mother in secret, but Elle is suspicious and resentful of Rebecca’s behaviour, and makes her feelings crystal clear when Rebecca ducks out of a lunch date.

Ned and Mickey are delighted Janae is staying in Erinsborough, but Mickey’s worried about going to school and is afraid of being bullied. Ironically, when Ned finally puts his foot down, Mickey is sent home early on his first day, accused of bullying.

Steph launches her political campaign with a rousing speech written by Toadie, but his hollow words don’t ring true for her, so she ditches the script and speaks from the heart – but will this risky move win her votes, or a lawsuit?

Toadie, meanwhile, follows through on his threat to run against Steph. Playing him at his own game, Steph hijacks Toadie’s interview with the local paper, but they both discover that fiery debate arouses more than just political passions.

Sky clears the air with Caleb when he invites her to a design expo in Sydney. They may be kindred spirits, but she can’t promise him romance. With that off her chest, the duo head off happily as ‘just good friends’.

Susan and Rachel are relieved when they receive home help for Tom in the form of nurse Ian, but Zeke’s suspicions that Ian can’t be trusted seem to be reinforced when Tom complains about his new nurse. Are his fears justified, or is Tom’s violent dementia getting the better of him? Zeke is determined to find out and plays private detective.

Adam and Pepper plan a DVD night but he opts to offer Harold’s latest film, unaware of the video-nasty mix-up.
Carmella begins to enjoy Ringo’s infatuation but when Susan reminds her of the age gap, she again gets firm with him, but Ringo simply declares he’s prepared to wait for Carmella no matter how long it takes.

Their budding romance is almost uncovered, however, when Rosie catches Ringo hiding under Carmella’s bed, and the lovebirds have to cool their relationship – for now, at least.

Rosie has romantic problems of her own, however, as she learns the only way she can have her perfect wedding is by getting married next week. With her dream day on a deadline, she goes into bridezilla mode. Frazer does his best to cope, while at the same time exercising his legs in the hope of giving Rosie a stand-up surprise at the altar.

The night before the wedding, best man Oliver suggests a combined hens and bucks party at his hotel. But what sets out to be a civilised affair soon degenerates and, in the middle of the night, Carmella and Ringo finally find a chance for illicit passion.

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