The Secret Diary of a Call Girl

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Billie Piper in The Secret Diary of a Call GirlThe Secret Diary of a Call Girl is based upon the blog and book written by Belle de Jour, a high class call girl. Billie Piper, in a complete departure from her role as Rose in Dr. Who, plays Belle and her agent is played by Cherie Lunghi. The programme has received a lot of publicity partly because of the subject matter and partly to see how well Billie Piper would cope with the role (she had to get used to being scantily clad or naked). 

The character of Belle narrated throughout and said that she loved London and that you could identify a prostitute by her designer suit. Belle described herself as high class as she charged by the hour. She answered why she did the work, saying that she was not abused and did not have an addiction but loved sex and money and liked to be her own boss. Belle identified her own rules as: 

Rule 1 – keep private life and professional life separate.

Rule 2 – get the money off the client first.

Rule 3 – safety – check with the agency that the client is safe.

Rule 4 – hygiene for herself and the client. She wore men’s deodorant and no perfume so the client did not smell of a woman.

Rule 5 – work out what the client wants as fast as possible and give that to him.

The programme concentrated on two of Belle’s clients – one who was middle-aged and liked farms and horses, but was quite easy to please. The other, she expected to be retired and of low esteem, but he was tall, dark and handsome and young. At the first session, she was not quite what he wanted – girl next door, so for the second session she changed her image. Unfortunately, she found that she was becoming emotionally involved and stopped seeing the client. 

The Secret Diary of a Call Girl is not for the prudish, but gives an interesting insight into the mind of a prostitute.


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