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Picture of Sohail, one of the lead charactersBritz is a hard hitting and thought provoking drama following the life of a young Muslim man and his sister following the 9/11 attacks.

Student Sohail is studying law in London and intensely proud of the fact that he is British. He finds it difficult being a Muslim in Britain. He is from Bradford and returns there one weekend to find armed police and many of his friends wearing traditional Muslim dress. His sister, Nasima is a medical student and holds more extreme views, not wanting to be in Britain.

He attends a group meeting where he is told that the Quran says that you should not take up arms against a country which gives you sanctuary, but being born in a country is different.  Upset at the message, Sohail undertakes a surveillance exercise and interview to join MI5, where he finds many of the families under surveillance are Muslim. He joins MI5 whilst conducting a double life as a student.

Sohail is put in a difficult position, as he finds that one of his friends, Sajid is linked into a network of people associated with the attempted bombings in London. MI5 suspect that the Jiu-jitsu meetings that both Sajid and Sohail attend are actually an excuse for Jihad meetings. Later Sajid is arrested apparently on drink driving charges by a highly racist Policeman, but the charges are related to terrorism.

After finding out that Nasima had a boyfriend, Jude (a Black non-muslim), her family took her to Pakistan with the intention of finding her a husband. Her  boyfriend followed her but she ran away and he was given a severe beating.  Sohail’s sister was apparently  found dead,  sexually assaulted and her body burned.

Back in the UK, Sohail decifers a message about two towers and sees footage of an Asian female entering a house in London. He is convinced that someone is trying to enter the country and asks for airports to be closed. His boss cannot afford the resources, so Sohail takes matters into his own hands and heads for Canary Wharfe and the scene of an outdoor concert. There he meets his sister Nasima just as she is about to become a suicide bomber.  Tomorrow’s episode of Britz looks at  Nasima’s story.

Hollyoaks Round Up October 31, 2007

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Louise is starting to have doubts about whether she can trust Warren and asks Carl – one of Warren’s old friends – to help her find out if he is up to his old tricks again.

Meanwhile, Ste admits swiping the credit card but begs Warren not to report him to police.

Warren tells Louise he has recovered his credit card from Ste, but she is still suspicious, until he throws a lavish engagement party.

However, Ste is out for revenge after Warren thrown his cannabis away, and puts a match to Evissa – just as Louise slips out of her party and goes to Evissa.

Luckily, Calvin rescues Louise, but she lies motionless.

Later, Katy suspects that Warren burned down Evissa for the insurance. But a furious Warren wants to find the real culprit, and it doesn’t take him long.

Elsewhere, Mike lambasts Kathy for reporting Amy to social services, Jake gets his wires crossed, and Steph gets a chance to prove her singing talents at least are greater than Summer’s.

Working at the pool, Gilly sees a little boy in tears emerge from Simon’s cubicle, and promptly suspects him of being a paedophile.

Carmel turns up at Louise’s engagement party with Louise’s ex, Calvin. And Jake admits to Nancy his insecurity at being friendless and jobless.

Coronation Street Round Up – October 31, 2007

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Rosie is excited when John and Fiz move into the flat, but her bubble is burst when he reveals that he doesn’t want to see her anymore. Will she let John go so easily?  

It seems the answer is no. At school Rosie arrives dressed to thrill. But her efforts to appeal to her teach have an effect on her fellow pupils, too – not all of it good. She soon gets into a catfight and John splits them up and calls Sally, who walks in just as Rosie’s seduction plan works.  

Flustered, John distracts Sally by agreeing to give her more lessons, but this infuriates Fiz, who is convinced they are having an affair.  

With Rosie doing her best to cause trouble, Sally still hoping there’s a chance and Fiz more suspicious than ever, how will John get himself out this mess? 

Fed up with Jerry’s interfering, and her role as full-time skivvy and surrogate mum, Jodie packs her bags and announces that she’s moving to

London, leaving Jerry struggling to cope. 

Lloyd, meanwhile, takes Claire to a singles night to forget their romantic problems.
Sean and Marcus return from a family christening and despite Sean being very well received by Marcus’s family, he’s clearly preoccupied. Sean feels bitterly rejected by Violet’s assertion that it’s her baby, not his, and his unhappiness is clear to his workmates. Violet, meanwhile, seems to be letting Jamie back into her life.

As Sarah exhausts herself by working two jobs, and Jason is comforted by Becky when he reveals how terrible he feels that he can’t provide for his family. With a little help from Audrey, however, Jason manages to woo his wife with a romantic meal which infuriates David. 

Liz and

Vernon return to the pub, but instead of moving out again as Steve planned, thy sit tight. With both couples wanting the place to themselves, who will win the battle for the Rovers?

Liam arrives back and everyone’s pleased to see him, not least Carla, but she appears put out when she sees how happy Liam is with Maria.

Emmerdale Round Up – October 31, 2007

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Jonny and Paul’s simple misunderstanding about their forthcoming nuptials forms a rift between them that ultimately drives Paul into Gray’s arms. The following morning, however, Gray rejects Paul who, in despair, confesses what he’s done to Jonny. 

Back home, Gray keeps his gay liaison secret and criticizes Perdy for her jealousy of Katie, who has moved in for the pregnancy. 

Elsewhere, Debbie fails to hide her new man Sean from the Dingles. A jealous Eli follows them on a date and even steals a kiss from Debbie before she makes her displeasure brutally clear with a knee to the groin. 

Later, however, Eli sees Sean kiss another woman and tells Debbie. Despite the obvious set-up, Debbie goes with Eli to see for herself and flies off the handle, crushing Sean’s car. Not surprisingly, after revealing the woman is his sister, Sean tells Debbie they are through, giving Eli the chance he’s been waiting for. 

Lily throws an impressive cocktail party and Edna worries that Doug has fallen for her sister. Lily has other things on her mind, however, suffering from arthritis and allowing Sam and Belle to make wine in the poly-tunnel she rents from Rodney, but trouble brews when Belle overloads the mix and it blows up in Rodney’s face.

Neighbours Round Up October 31, 2007

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Rebecca decides to report Richard for his crime of 17 years ago, even if that means telling Declan everything, but he is one step ahead of her – arranging to meet with Richard himself.

 Rebecca visits her father, Alan Napier, in hospital. He offers to help her in her case against Richard but dies before they can put the wheels of justice in motion.

 Declan lures Richard to the river fishing spot where a confrontation sees Richard fight for his life…

 Rebecca finally finds the strength to report Richard, but when she arrives at the Police Station, Richard’s already there – reporting Declan for attempted murder! He then issues Rebecca with a spine-chilling threat.

 Toadie and Rosie are at loggerheads, until she discovers the real culprit is Stonie. The brothers row again and Toadie orders Stonefish out of the house, despite Steph’s pleas.

 Toadie then turns on boss Tim and quits – jumping before he is pushed. Rosie follows suit and the duo decide to set up their own practice together.

 Things take another turn for the better when Stonie’s estranged wife hits town to mend bridges, but Stonie’s first new client turns out to be Kirsten – in town to kidnap Mickey.

 Rosie, meanwhile, is too busy to listen to Frazer’s plea to start a family.

 Christian directs Karl to be the public face of a new Vivex Pharma campaign to export pharmaceutical drugs to the third world. Convinced the company is sending defective drugs, Karl breaks into the Vivex warehouse to steal a sample of the drugs for testing. Julia ‘assists’ Karl with his subversive break-in, but the duo are trapped and Karl is arrested. Julia’s conscience is piqued, however, and she decides to come clean and name Christian as the real culprit – even at the cost of implicating herself.

 Elsewhere, Adam’s practical police assessments begin. Can he overcome doubts about his emotional problems?

 Riley is reunited with his family but has no intention of returning to his veterinary studies, opting for journalism instead. But is he hiding something else?

 Bridget and Miranda track Riley down and convince him to come home to Erinsborough.

 Elle and Oliver’s split gives Carmella food for thought, and Lucia is convinced they could reunite….

EastEnders Round Up

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Life is never easy for the residents of Albert Square, and this week even their traditional solace of The Vic can provide no refuge as it is raided in what proves a violent, disorientating and terrifying attack for the locals.

Meanwhile, Billy is worried. The baby is due but he and Honey are evicted from their flat. With no safe haven, things take a terrifying turn when Honey is involved in a scuffle. Will the baby by all right?

Billy and Honey are not the only ones cast out into the cold, as Steven begs for a bed for the night.

Even when something seems to be going right, it can’t be relied upon. Jase finally has something positive in his life – a date with Dawn – but something sinister is brewing, and Jase hits the self-destruct button once and for all…

Ricky and Bianca set for Albert Square reunion

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Following on from the news that Bianca Jackson is to return to Eastenders, it has been announced that her onscreen love Ricky is to make an Albert Square comeback.

Actor Sid Owen was a ten year regular on the hit BBC soap before leaving in 2002.

Though he made several guest appearances over the next couple of years, he has since stayed away from Walford, making this forthcoming return even more dramatic.

Ricky and Bianca, played by Patsy Palmer will rejoin the current cast at the start of next year, though it looks unlikely that they will resume their romance, given that he will arrive in Albert Square with his new fiancé, while she will appear with “a gaggle of kids by different men in tow”, the show’s bosses have revealed.

“Ricky and Bianca were a hugely popular and well-loved partnership on the show,” said executive producer Diederick Santer.

“They are both now living their own lives, and there’s been a good deal of water under the bridge. But could the old spark reignite.”

Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares

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Gordon RamsayIn Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, chef extraordinaire, Gordon Ramsay visits failing restaurants and kitchens in an attempt to examine their menus, food and business to see whether he can give advice on making a restaurant profitable.
In this first episode of a new series, Gordon Ramsay visited “Ruby Tates”, a fish restaurant in Brighton. The restaurant was run by former actor Allan Love, with two chefs, lazy Jamie and hot-tempered Alex.  Allan had just borrowed money to keep the business afloat. He had also put his house on the market and risked losing that as well as his business.

Gordon Ramsay asked two people to visit the restaurant and order on his behalf (this was so that he did not receive any “special treatment”). He then ate with the couple and had Fruit de Mer as starter (which he described as like eating the inside of a golf ball) with Seabass for the main meal. The whole meal cost £175, very expensive for the area and was disgusting.

Ramsay then visited the kitchen and was shocked by the attitude of the two chefs , who were there just to earn money and move on.  The chefs did not even know where to purchase local fish, and showed Ramsay pre-cooked lobster (affecting the taste) and opened mussels (which were dead and could not be served). The chefs were taking advantage of Allan, who was blissfully unaware of what was happening in the kitchen.

Ramsay decided to find out why people were not visiting the restaurant and people did not like the name of the restaurant, the decor, the food nor the prices!  Gordon worked on some team building and encouraged Alan to act as a boss and show leadership skills to motivate his staff. Jamie was chosen to be Head Chef, whilst Allan’s role would be as “meeter and greeter”.

Ramsay’s first change was place local fish on the menu – Pollock, and serve it lightly battered with chips. The decor was changed (against Alan’s wishes) and the restaurant was renamed as “Love’s Fish Restaurant”.  Local celebrities Zoe Ball and Norman Cook were invited to the relaunch and the turnover on the night was £2,000 rather than the normal £200.

Vera to be killed off in Corrie tearjerker

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Vera Duckworth is to be killed off in a sensational “tear-jerking”

Coronation Street

plotline to be screened next year, the show’s bosses have confirmed.Earlier this year, the actress behind the Wetherfield battleaxe, Liz Dawn, revealed that she planned to quit the show in order to concentrate on her ongoing battle with the lung disease emphysema.While it may have been possible for the door to be left open for Vera to return to the Street and her on-screen husband Jack, the producers and Dawn decided to make the departure permanent.Producer Steve Frost confirmed that Vera’s Corrie exit would be “heartbreaking”, though declined to reveal any details of the forthcoming plot.“She has played Vera, one of the most-loved characters on British television, for 33 years and she will be missed enormously, by everyone who works with her on the show and by millions and millions of viewers,” he said. The actress added: “It is going to be very emotional filming Vera’s death scenes but I do think it is the right decision for the character.”

Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two

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Gabby LoganStrictly Come Dancing is now in its 5th series and airs on Saturday evenings on BBC1. The programme features 14 celebrities and their professional dance partners performing Ballroom and Latin American styles.  This programme, Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two, presented by Claudia Winkleman is a follow-up and explores the behind the scenes stories and gossip. Willie Thorne (having left the show last week) spoke with the stars backstage as they had their make-up done and went through rehearsals.

On Saturday, the celebrities danced samba and American Smooth to differing types of music. There was some controversy as Brendan and Kelly Brooke received penalties from some judges for putting 3 lifts into the dance (rather than two), but then received a perfect 10 score from Bruno Tonioli. This resulted in some in-fighting amount the judges as rules had clearly been broken.

Unexpectedly, Penny Lancaster Stewart and Ian Waite, and Gabby Logan and James Jordan were in the dance offs when they had both put in good performances on the Saturday.  Penny Lancaster Stewart had improved significantly and sparkled in her short yellow dress and matching thigh high boots to “These Boots were made for Walking”. Gabby’s samba showed that she was clearly enjoying herself and her athleticism shone through. The judges (with Len Goodman having the casting vote) eliminated Gabby and   from the programme. The result was quite shocking (especially as GMTV presenter Kate Garraway went through and was out of time, made numerous mistake and was lacklustre .

On the programme Len Goodman commented and said that the public had made a mistake in placing two good sets of dancers in the bottom two. Another of the judges, Craig Revel Horwood also appeared and appealed for the audience to vote for genuine dancing talent (he marked Kate Garraway as a “3”). He was also less than pleased with Bruno’s marking on Brendan and Kelly’s American Smooth as there should perhaps have been a disqualification.  The BBC message board and forum have been inundated with comments. Ballroom dancing has never been so exciting!

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