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Amir KhanIn a period where British sport has rarely been able to climb to the top of the pile, young Bolton based boxer Amir Khan has come as a breath of fresh air.  Brash, confident, skilful, opinionated and above all a winner, the UK population have taken Khan to their hearts.  But what is the real story about the young boxer from Bolton?

This intriguing insight into Amir Khan’s life shows the highs and lows of his sporting life, his personal life and his standing with both the local and UK wide population.  The program charts his rise up the rankings, from his silver medal in the 2004 Olympic games, to his first professional title – the Commonwealth Lightweight belt, taken from Willie Limond – and his search for that shot at a world title. 

One of the interesting things about Khan is his ability and willingness to bring together the UK Muslim and non-Muslim population, something which he feels very strongly about.  He is already well known for his willingness to help and assist other young fighters who look up to him, even though he is still only 20 years old himself.  Khan is from a very strong and close family background, with a number of his cousins well known in the sporting world.

While best known for his boxing abilities, Amir Khan has also become involved in a number of children’s campaigns in and around the Bolton region, where he is able to use his new found status to highlight child safety and behavioural issues.  He has put himself forward as a role model and many younger children have taken notice of what he has done with his life.

Amir Khan is a young man who has the boxing skills to go to the very top, but a humility which is rarely seen in sportsmen these days.  Ever willing to assist his local community, its seems that the boxer from Bolton has a glittering career ahead of him.

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  1. zakir says:

    i am a 14 years old boy and he is my hero because he opens a path for me to be an athlete because most khans are either doctors or engineers there parents usually dont even care what they want to do. Doctor or engineer

  2. Ayesha says:

    Hi my name is ayesha and i am also from Bolton but now i live in London but i would like to say that I am a big fan of you also my family are as well. YOUR DA BEST.

  3. Tanzeela says:

    hiyah x im Tanzeela frm uk manchester im a big fan of u and all the best in all ur match

  4. Rajan says:

    Hi cool, boxer. I dont know how you do it, but you do it. You are a gangtser.

  5. melanie says:

    hi my name is Melanie. i think you are really great and you re the best fighter eva i love you so much n iv got a lot of respect for you you have came so far n done a lot for other people to.well done n keep up the good work xxxxxxxxxx

  6. rogan josh says:

    Amir U gotta sparked out in 51 seconds boy against the only decent fighter u have ever faced.
    Now Dont do a Prince Naseem and disappear, lets see what u made of.the Colombian came to fight and knocked u clean out…another fighter built on hype unbelievable. Prescott Pulverised u Boy. any one who knows boxing knew that Amir never had a chin able to take a punch. NUFF SAID GAME OVER!!!!

  7. muniza says:

    salam Amir khan i am muniza . i am 17 year old and i am girl but i am so happy with your works.i wish if i was next to you den i will get makt cozx thar time will be so happed time where i am going to be see you 😀 but i forgot to say somethink to you

  8. Sam says:

    heyyyy amir khan duno if u read these messages lol 1st tym am writin nethin 2do wid ya but jus wna say ur a gud boxa n thnx 2 ur effort n Allahs blessin ur a success……..keep up da gud work n thank Allah 4 wat u r 2dai

    sam frm manc

  9. Rajan says:

    Hi my name is Rajan. Best know boxer in the whole world. I want o be just like you. I am a true muslim as well. How did you become a boxer,a nd how did you beocme muslim, the nation of the bank muslim. Keep on praying to Allah and you will always get what ou always wanted bless. My sould borther.

  10. إسماعيل says:

    أنا معجب بهذا الملاكم المسلم الذي رفع إسم الإسلام عالياً وأحب أن أقدم له أجمل تحيه

    وأنا برضة من محبي رياضة الملاكم وإن شاء الله تشوفونا في المستقبل البطل المسلم

    إسماعيل السيد طارق المتوكل 18 سنه من اليمن