Coronation Street Roundup

October 3, 2007 by  
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Jason is stunned to hear that his estranged brother Todd is on his way up for the stag do and the wedding. When he arrives, Jason confesses he didn’t invite him, and Sarah runs out of the house screaming. Is the wedding doomed to failure?Later, Jason returns early from his stag do and sees Sarah in her tattered wedding dress. Can anything else go wrong…?The answer, it seems, is yes, as Sarah blows up at Todd despite pretending to be pleased to see him for David’s sake. However, having cleared the air Sarah invites Todd to be best man, much to David’s anger. Does he have another trick up his sleeve? The factory girls gossip about Sally’s attraction to John. Fiz, however, is fuming until John reassures her that he’s not interested and has already found his soulmate.Rosie’s upset when she hears Liam making a date with Maria, and managed to sabotage their plans, leaving Maria thinking she’s been stood up.The obvious ploy soon falls apart, however, and Liam tells Rosie in no uncertain terms that he’s not interested. Will the heartbroken Rosie quit and go back to school? Or will she simply transfer her affections to John? When he sympathises with her it seems she may do just that – and he looks like he might reciprocate.At the kebab shop Jodie is in hot water – or would be if the boiler hadn’t broken – and Jerry adds to her woes by getting into cold water, dancing naked in a fountain in Italy and landing himself with a £1,000 fine. Will Jodie leave him hanging out to dry in an Italian jail?Roy and Hayley return from their trip early but Hayley reveals to Becky that she wants to help other people so she’s been in contact with a volunteer group in Africa. Will the Croppers leave Weatherfield?Meanwhile, Paul arrives at the restaurant with a black eye but assures Leanne that the heavies won’t be back.

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