EastEnders Roundup

October 3, 2007 by  
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Ronnie lets Roxy into her secret and Kevin’s plans to get Denise speaking to Zainab backfire.
Ronnie and Roxy try to convince Peggy to lend them the cash they desperately need for the club, but she has an announcement that will shock them both.  Has Minty taken his quest for fitness and the body beautiful too far? Elsewhere, Bradley is losing patience with certain people trying to dictate his wedding plansThe trouble Peggy is facing becomes all too apparent from the constant phonecalls, Roxy takes Peggy’s financial situation hard, whilst Ronnie tries her best to help. Meanwhile there is drama in the square as Minty has collapsed because of a heart attack. Bradley’s mother Rachel arrives and creates a stir for the Branning family.

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