Emmerdale Roundup October 3, 2007

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Jack knows of Diane and Billy’s affair but Diane decides to face the music and try to rescue her marriage. Even so, she cannot help lying when Jack quizzes her. Incredulous, he declares the marriage over just as there’s a knock at the door….Jack has secrets of his own, however, and Victoria discovers he was to blame for the barn fire that killed Sarah. But was he?When Jack and Andy come across a distraught Victoria dousing Annie’s cottage with petrol for revenge, Andy blurts out that he, not Jack, was to blame.Victoria dashes upstairs, pursued by Andy and Jack, just as the boiler pilot light ignites the petrol fumes in a huge fireball…Elsewhere, Nicola uses cunning tactics to get rid of Jasmine for the night while she tries her seductive charms on David. Will he succumb or stay loyal to Jasmine? Perdy tries to persuade Gray that moving to America would speed up their surrogacy application but he remains non-committal. Matthew, meanwhile, tries to convince Perdy to leave Gray and tells her a baby won’t solve her marital difficulties.Edna is shocked when her estranged sister Lily turns up on her doorstep.

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