Hollyoaks Roundup

October 3, 2007 by  
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In the aftermath of the party, Jessica considers the repercussions from the previous week. The college clears her of all blame but she’s not sure if her friends will be so understanding. Myra, for one, seems particularly unforgiving about the near death of her kids.Katy meanwhile, is released from hospital and her day gets even better when Warren gives her and Justin his blessing.

Louise asks Warren to go with her to identify what she thinks is Sean’s body. Katy tells Warren he has to tell Louise he killed Sean, but he asks her to marry him instead.Mercedes accepts Carmel’s peace offering of a free fake tan, but the fake bake goes hideously wrong. Matters are not helped when Nana claims she saw Carmel kissing Russ.O.B. takes Tom to the swimming pool but is more interested in the women there than swimming, and while he is chatting up Summer Tom falls into the deep end.Frankie has to tell Jack that she’s gone behind his back and accepted a foster child, Daisy. Jack begins to warm to the idea of having Daisy around but Darren isn’t impressed and makes his feelings known. Will he come round?Mike attempts to use his fists to deal with the boy who nearly killed his daughter but is shocked when Ste claims to be Leah’s father.  The Ashworths head to hospital to celebrate Neville’s birthday with Hannah, but the family are shocked when they finally see her. And when they arrive home they receive a phone call to say Noel has died.

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