Neighbours Roundup October 3, 2007

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Rosie and Frazer’s dream wedding is crowned by Frazer escaping the confines of his wheelchair for his special day. But after the happy couple leave for their honeymoon, the dream turns to nightmare for their guests, who are involved in a bus crash.Carmella and Ringo are trapped inside as the coach threatens to explode. Carmella, plagued by doubts about Ringo because of his youth and inexperience, finally reciprocates when he declaes his love for her before passing out.But will her words come back to haunt her? The duo are dragged from the wreckage and rushed to hospital, where Ringo slips into a coma.Meanwhile, driver Toadie finds he had more than he thought to drink and blames himself for the accident, while Mickey, wracked with guilt over his part in the crash, runs away.Rosie and Frazer spend their first night together as husband and wife, but their marital bliss is shattered when Pepper arrives with the news.Mickey, meanwhile, falls in with streetwise Declan and gets involved in crime.
Oliver’s tentative relationship with his natural mother seems about to open a can of worms when Rebecca has lunch with him and Elle. She spots a photo of an old flame – Paul Robinson. It seems Elle is Oliver’s half-sister! Sky and Caleb return from a wonderful week away, but their happiness is short-lived whwen Caleb has a serious attack. In hospital he decides he must drive Sky away to spare her the grief of his deteriorating medical condition.

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