Coronation Street Roundup

October 10, 2007 by  
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David’s simmering fury seems to be making him more unstable than ever, and he sabotages everything he can find at the builders’ yard, from deleting messages and destroying invoices to loosening the bolts on the balcony… With grim inevitability, Jason falls victim to this latest ‘prank’ and is crushed under the collapsing balcony. He survives, but won’t be able to walk for a while – will he and Sarah ever make it down the aisle? Bill, meanwhile, is suspicious about why the previously solid scaffolding would just suddenly collapse and realises that it’s been tampered with. Not surprisingly, he and Jason instantly suspect David and tell Gail. When she confronts him, however, he declares they soon won’t have to worry about him ever again…John feels terrible about kissing Rosie and agrees to meet her at Carla’s flat to discuss what happened. But when he arrives, the teen temptress has no trouble luring him into the bedroom. Later, Rosie tells John that she has decided to return to school. But not to Oakhill, she is going back to Weatherfield High so they can see each other every day! Roy discovers that Christian has left Manchester after being beaten up by a young woman – was it Becky? Hayley, meanwhile is even more determined to join a volunteer scheme in Africa but, bizarrely, is given a stark choice: be ready to leave tonight or wait until the next project in 2014!Jodie’s furious with Jerry and is having to work all hours in the kebab shop, but Lloyd thinks she’s making excuses and doesn’t want to go out with him. Instead of giving up on her, however, he arranges for Eileen to babysit while he takes Jodie on a date. But when Eileen catches Kayleigh shinning down the drainpipe to go out, the girl phones her mum claiming Eileen hit her!Violet and Sean attend a scan at the hospital but are split over wanting to know the sex of the baby. Violet feels uneasy. Does Sean want to be more than a donor to the baby?Maria sees Liam kissing a glamorous woman outside the factory but he explains that it was just a business associate. Will Maria learn to trust Liam? And should she?

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