EastEnders Roundup

October 10, 2007 by  
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The Vic is in financial difficulty and Peggy is at rock bottom. She tries to keep the extent of the problem to herself, but she needs a way out of her debt and things are made worse by Sean walking away from their deal. Ronnie is determined to find a solution to Peggy’s woes, but is distracted to see Roxy’s ex-boyfriend back in Walford. Roxy, meanwhile, makes plans to return to Ibiza not realising how much Ronnie will miss her. Bradley and Stacey’s wedding plans are causing ructions, not least when she tells Max that their affair is over. But, as the wedding run-through begins, the pair are still worried about who overheard them talking. And will the eavesdropper speak out when asked “If anyone here present knows just cause or impediment…”? But before that there’s an anxious moment when a pre-wedding lunch for Bradley and Stacey is ruined when Dot receives some shocking news.

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