Emmerdale Roundup October 10, 2007

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Katie stuns everyone by offering herself as a surrogate mum. Gray is delighted, but will Perdy be so keen to have the surrogate in the same village? Chas has doubts of her own but it seems Katie is becoming blinded by her crush on Gray.The Sugdens begin to pick up their lives after the blaze as gossip spreads around the village like, well, wildfire, fuelled in part by Jasmine’s article in the Hotten Courier. Could this open her way into a journalistic career? Pollard scuppers his son David’s plans with Jasmine, but he has plans of his own. Having discovered he can walk again, Pollard keeps up the invalid act to keep Val near and doting on him. However, after a jealous Val spies on Pollard and sees him leave his chair, she plots a revenge by luring him on a picnic and abandoning him so he has no choice but to walk home. Pollard wins her round, however, and warns David not to interfere with their relationship.David, meanwhile, is also being hampered in his pursuit of Jasmine by Nicola, who has set her scheming sights on him.
Sam is saving for a house of his own, and asks Pollard for a helping hand, but Zak threatens Pollard to stay out of their affairs. He softens, however, and Sam rents Dale View, but the first thing he does is blow his budget on a housewarming party. Elsewhere, Marlon’s marital bed is still strictly off limits, and he makes matters worse when he inadvertently vents his frustrations (verbally, at least) in the Woolpack. Donna seems more concerned for Ross, who’s having romantic troubles of his own.

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