Hollyoaks Roundup October 10, 2007

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Neville is pleased when Rhys decides to attend Noel’s wake but Rhys is shocked when Neville reveals that Noel had another child – a daughter. Rhys is frozen to the spot when the time comes to meet her and he finds himself face to face with Beth. Horrified at what they have done, the new-found siblings turn against each other and Rhys tells Beth to leave town immediately, but she refuses point blank.It should be a double celebration in the Barnes household for Sarah’s birthday and Kathy’s return, but Ste’s presence causes tension and Mike finally throws him out when he finds money missing from the shop. However, Amy follows Ste out of the door. Things worsen when Ste’s stepdad Terry turns up and attacks the lad.Frankie and Jack’s new foster child, Newt, arrives, but he is a problem child – moody and aggressive, he tests their patience and blows his top when his birthday turns into a kid’s party. Finally, to Frankie’s horror, Newt goes missing, but he bumps into a kindred spirit in the form of Darren, who has lost £10,000 on the horses. The big-time loser wins Newt over and persuades him to give his foster parents another try. Nancy packs Jake off so she can concentrate on her university projects, but is soon up to extra-curricular activities with lodger Russ. Jake receives a call with news that he has got a job and mocks Steph’s aspirations as an actress. But Steph hits a raw nerve when she calls Jake’s own career into question. The Baby Diegos are still looking for their big break and Fletch and Josh decide they have to ditch Michaela. The only problem now is finding the courage to tell her.

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