Neighbours Roundup October 10, 2007

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Declan rescues Mickey and his dog, Jake, just before the police arrive, and hides them at his mother’s house, but the fugitive is discovered when Rebecca sees Jake and calls Steve the vet to treat his injured paw.Mickey is reunited with an angry Ned, but their troubles aren’t over as Ned and Janae’s budding relationship is strained and Mickey is still worried about his part in the wedding bus crash, as Ringo’s life hangs in the balance. Mickey is not the only nervous one. Toadie is shaken and stirred by the possibility he might have been over the legal alcohol limit when the mini-bus crashed. His fears seem well founded when he’s arrested during a public debate with his political opponent and private lover, Steph.Frazer is vindicated, and when Ringo comes out of his coma he celebrates, but when he hears of Carmella’s involvement with the boy he is furious and throws her out, sparking his first married row with Rosie. Carmella’s already in turmoil, having promised her love to Ringo but made a pact with God to give him up if he survives.Rebecca continues to rekindle Paul’s affections, but Elle and Oliver are on tenterhooks over the paternity test. Is Paul, as Rebecca suggests, Oliver’s father?There seems to be no doubt about the mother, however, and Declan soon takes advantage of the discovery that he has a wealthy older brother.Elsewhere, Adam asks Pepper to move with him to Europe but, unable to leave Erinsborough, Pepper comes up with her own drastic solution.Sky, on the other hand, reluctantly decides to leave town – unable to stay for Harold’s sake – and Boyd decides to leave too.

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