The Whistleblowers

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WhistleblowersIn this fascinating series, which in many areas seems to be based upon real life experiences, we see Ben and Alisha tackle the tragic suicide of a young boy who was being educated at one of the new government academies, before being expelled to a state school.  What on the surface looks like a tragic case of a young boy struggling to take the pressures of life, suddenly turns into a quest for the truth with Ben going under cover as a teacher at the school, into a world he never knew existed!

The plot centres around the controversial school league tables which are present in the education system, something which many people have criticised and warned against.  In this fictional storyline we see the power of education, the power of money and the endless pursuit of that top of the league spot, which ensures the school will be able to enrol only the best pupils.  The storyline centres on an apparent system whereby students who are not performing in line with expectations are expelled for “various reason” in order to keep the school’s exam grades high. 

In an intriguing look into the world of teaching and academy schools, we see how the traditional state schools have now been superseded by an array of sponsored schools, apparently leaving many of the traditional state schools to pick up the pupils rejected by the academies.  Education techniques, sponsor influences and the constant battle with the media are covered in great detail, making for a story which takes paths you would never have guessed.

This is the latest in an excellent series of “The Whistleblowers“, a series which has obviously been very well researched and  offers a believable glimpse into the real world.  It will be interesting to see what “The Whistleblowers” take on next time!

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