Coronation Street Round Up

October 17, 2007 by  
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Gail has organised a pre-wedding celebratory meal for both families, but David has obviously been missed off the guest list and feels lonely as he listens to the festivities inside the Platts. Shooting cans in the Morton’s garden, he tells Darryl that Gail tried to abort him and he doesn’t think she’ll be happy until he’s dead.

Depressed and lonely, David lets himself into the house and writes a letter. Later, Sarah and Maria are horrified to discover that David has left a suicide note. Sarah convinces herself that it’s another plea for attention, however, and tears the note up.

As the big day dawns, however, Gail notices David’s car has gone and calls the police. David, meanwhile, is watching the fuss from the rooftops, but when he sees the family continue with the wedding he cracks, leaving one last message on Gail’s telephone before driving his car into the canal…

Elsewhere, Fiz is getting increasingly annoyed that she and John never seem to be able to spend any time together alone but she is delighted when John makes his excuses and leaves when Rosie starts to flirt with him.

Liz hits the big 5-0, but is disappointed with what she thinks is Vernon’s surprise party for her – until Vernon produces his real surprise – a trip to Paris.

Paul gives Leanne £10,000 to help with the restaurant. He also gives her a kiss, and Leanne doesn’t resist.

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