Emmerdale Round Up

October 17, 2007 by  
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Suspecting Nicola of having an affair with David, Jasmine follows her but learns more than she expected. Nicola’s so-called dead husband Donald De Souza is in fact alive, and Nicola is determined to keep him that way as, if he dies, all his money will go to his son.

Jasmine tells David, who confronts Nicola, but she reminds him that they both lose out if her stepson inherits the business.

David agrees to help Nicola track down her husband’s son Miles when she promises him a cut of her inheritance, but Jasmine is determined to track down Miles first and stop Nicola and David’s plan in its tracks.

Meanwhile, Marlon’s concerns grow as Donna seems to be getting more involved in her job than in their relationship, and when Donna is injured at work he blames Ross for not protecting her.

Viv takes delivery of her newly-printed books, and arranges a book launch party, but few people turn up, leaving flop headlines at McNally’s fingertips. With sales running low Bob bribes some pensioners to buy copies but will Viv find out?

At the B&B, Jamie’s plans to impress Terry and Louise are thwarted when he accidentally books in a stag party and he is left wondering whether the age gap between him and Louise is just too big. Is she out of his league?

Rosemary has disappeared, and Paddy tries to convince Grayson that they should report her as a missing person, but Grayson just tells him to stay out of his family’s business.

Chas decides that she and Paddy should investigate Rosemary’s disappearance themselves and discover that none of her things have been packed so they go to the police, who question Grayson as to why he hasn’t reported his mother’s disappearance.

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