Hollyoaks Round Up – October 17, 2007

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Tina plans a surprise party for Tony’s 30th Birthday. But it’s more of a shock for the birthday boy when his exes – Izzy, Julie and Tessie – arrive, and Tessie drops a bombshell: Tony has an eight-year-old son!

Tony and Harry get along well, but what will Jacqui make of it all? Tony gets to find out when she walks in on them just as Tony and Tessie are making their farewell hugs.

Speaking of motherhood, Steph is anxious to prove she has maternal abilities and agrees to baby-sit Tom and Charlie and collect Newt from school, but is her child minding having the right effect on her own relationship?

Nancy and Sarah think Summer could be a laugh to hang around with, especially when she asks about a local guy she is rather keen on, but they are left wondering what’s up when Summer receives a visitor: her boyfriend James.

He is to leave for Afghanistan. Summer wants him to stay but if her career takes off, would she really have enough time for him?

O.B. is overjoyed to discover Max has hired Summer to work in MOBs but makes clear to Calvin and Danny that she’s out of bounds with a small white lie.

Rhys and Beth both receive a letter from the solicitor about Noel’s will. Unable to concentrate, Rhys takes Gilly to the SU Bar, only to find that there is no escape from the object of both of their affections: Beth.

Gilly is gutted to find Beth is off limits when he asks Rhys if he can take her out. When Calvin makes a move on Beth, Rhys lashes out but Beth puts Rhys in his place.

It’s Tina’s first day as a careers assistant and she’s eager to get started. Tina is charmed when her boss, Pete Webster – the head teacher’s son – takes her under his wing.

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