Louis to quit X Factor next year

October 17, 2007 by  
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Louis Walsh has revealed that next year’s X Factor will be his last as he intends to quit the world of reality show judging and concentrate on his day job.

The Irish band manager was not even supposed to be in the current series of the show, having been sacked during the pre-production stages, though he was subsequently brought back during the open auditions.

Walsh stated that he intends to spend his time looking after the careers of his own stars, including the boyband Westlife and former X Factor winner Shane Ward.

“I will do one more series,” he stated.

“I have really enjoyed doing it but I’m not a TV star, I’m a band manager. ‘The X Factor’ takes over your life. By the end of the final show I am exhausted, and then I have to work with my acts.”

He went on to add that he didn’t need the exposure that television brings and suggested that fellow judge Simon Cowell does.

“I’m happiest when working with my acts,” he said.

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