Neighbours Round Up

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Just when you thought Carmella and Ringo’s relationship couldn’t get any more complicated, Carmella has a dizzy spell and is taken to hospital, where she learns she is pregnant. Meanwhile, Ringo, crushed by her public rejection, has decided to leave Erinsborough, and Frazer decides he will go home too. Rachel lashes out at Carmella, but finally reveals her heartache she wanted Ringo to love her the way he loved Carmella.

When Ringo hears he may be a dad, however, he goes on a destructive rampage. This odd reaction is explained when he tells Frazer he can’t be the father as he couldn’t make love to Carmella.

It turns out Oliver is the dad, but he is still bound up in relationship troubles of his own with Elle, and until she knows the baby is safe, Carmella doesn’t want to tell Oliver.Meanwhile, Elle investigates who really is Oliver’s dad – not believing Rebecca’s claims that it’s Paul. The trail leads to a charming school principal, Richard Aaronow, but is he the deranged psychopath Rebecca told Oliver about…?

Steve is suspicious that Karl is selling him dodgy drugs and has the drugs tested, confirming his suspicions. Have they stumbled onto a major scam at Vivex?

Pepper and Adam plan a marriage of convenience – until both realise they just can’t do it. Facing the reality of their looming separation they resolve to make the most of the time they have left. But then Adam is thrown a lifeline – if he can overcome his past demons. Rosie defends Toadie against his drink-driving charge and does a great job, but guilt-ridden Toadie falls on his sword and cops a license suspension and fine.

Saddened by Stonefish’s news of the demise of his marriage, Steph and Toadie decide to cheer him up, but the plan backfires when he turns up late for work the next day. Zeke and Bridget bond over their shared passion for football, but when Bridget turns up for a training session with Zeke’s footy team, he discovers his sexist mates don’t want a girl to play.

And, speaking of football, Ned becomes Mickey’s football coach after seeing the team’s bullying at the hands of their current coach. But a crowded team session at Paul’s house makes Ned realise he needs to find a permanent home for him and Mickey.

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