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The ninth Dr. WhoWhen Russell T. Davies announced that he was going to bring back Dr. Who, fans were concerned – who would be the Doctor? Would it work? Would the music be the same? Would we still have the tardis? Would he bring back the Daleks?

There was nothing to fear though as Davies managed to keep the excitement, fear and spirit of the earlier Doctor Who series, and brought it bang up to date. The music is still as eerie and puts fear into you and the aliens are more believable than in the 1970s and 1980s.

Christopher Eccleston stars as the 9th Doctor in this episode and manages to inject the right amount of humour and eccentricity, touched with mania and loneliness – all topped off by a Northern accent (as many planets have a North!).

In this episode the Doctor and Rose have landed in Cardiff, with Captain Jack Harkness (of spin-off series “Torchwood”). They have come across a rift in energy and an alien who is the last survivor of her family. Margaret had adopted the skin of of a human being but manages to unzip her head to become a large lizard-like alien. Margaret is the Mayor of Cardiff and there are plans to create a nuclear power station in Cardiff.

Margaret is intent on killing a female reporter but does not go ahead with this as she hears that the reporter is pregnant and about to be married. This provokes memories of her family. Margaret is caught by the Doctor who intends to return her to her home planet (where she is facing a public execution). She asks for one last meal and has this in the centre of Cardiff handcuffed to the Doctor. Meanwhile, Rose has met up with boyfriend Mickey and finds out that he has another girlfriend, as he is fed up of being second best and at Rose’s beck and call.

Rather than meet her certain death, Margaret is exposed to the very bright light – the heart of the tardis and regresses to become an egg wiith a chance of a new life, and the tardis sets off for its next adventure .

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