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cast of FrasierMulti-award winning Frasier is a spin-off series of the popular comedy Cheers, which was based at a bar in Boston.Dr Frasier Crane was a regular visitor to the bar and was introduced to us through his girlfriend at the time Diane (who was later Sam’s girlfriend).

Frasier is set in Seattle and focusses on the psychiatrist’s work on the radio station KACL (with producer Ros). Frasier lives with his father Marty in a swanky apartment and Marty’s “physical therapist”, Daphne. Frasier’s brother Niles makes an appearance as a fellow psychiatrist who is in love with Daphne. There is plenty of sibling rivalry between the brothers and it is obvious that they took after their mother, rather than more down-to-earth ex-cop father.

The programme started with Frasier in his apartment on a stormy night. He us panicking and calls Niles over fearing that he has broken the law. He recounts a story but is constantly interrupted by Niles who tries to guess the outcome.

Frasier goes over his day and fears that his advice to callers to his radio programme is becoming predictable as producer Ros is able to take over when he has a coughing fit (“you are a kleptomaniac because there is something missing in your life, you should identify what that is and seek counselling!”). He then met the person who had been using his reserved parking space and was turned down for a date with her.

Frasier goes on to change an elderly resident’s lightbulb and steals an item from her. Niles provides a diagnosis to his brother and says that Frasier is missing excitement in his life (his brother and father have recently married their partners and he feels lonely). Frasier is extremely guilty and resolves to return the item to his neighbour (he has a key), but he and Niles are disturbed by a surprise party. The neighbour, Opal is celebrating her birthday and about to have her picture taken with her bronze medal from the 1936 Olympics (the object that Frasier stole).

Frasier tries to divert the audience’s attention by telling them a not very good story whilst Niles tries to place the medal on a high bookshelf. One of the party spots Niles up the ladder to the bookcase and he feigns the fear of a spider sent him up the ladder.

This was not a classic episode of the comedy but Frasier works because of the mix of characters and slapstick and play on words (of a high-brow nature).

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