Coronation Street Round Up – October 24, 2007

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David apologises to Sarah for ruining the wedding and honeymoon, but his crocodile tears won’t wash. She is livid at his attention-seeking, spiteful behaviour.

However, it seems she’s the only one who can see through David’s façade, and the newly-weds have done nothing but argue since their disastrous wedding. To calm things down, Sarah arranges for some belated wedding photos to be taken, but Jason leaves her dress in the cafe – and David spies it.

Later, when David is taken back at the salon, an outraged Sarah quits, but how will she and Jason get their own place now?

Rosie schemes to get a few hours alone with John, but Sally and Kevin come home unexpectedly and John has to think on his feet. But his excuse of seeking Sally for further lessons gives her, Kevin and Fiz the wrong idea.

Later, John agrees to move in with Fiz – but is it to be closer to her, or their neighbour Rosie?

Jerry returns from Milan to his angry family and bends over backwards to try to appease them, especially Jodie, who finally gets time off to share a kiss with Lloyd at the bonfire party. But Jerry ruins it all again when he lets the children out of his sight.

Elsewhere, Michelle and Ryan move into the pub and Steve hopes that Liz and Vernon will move out.

Violet’s misgivings about how much involvement Sean wants to have with her baby reach boiling point when Jason accidentally reveals the baby’s sex to the whole pub and Violet realises Sean must have told him.

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