Emmerdale Round Up

October 24, 2007 by  
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Marlon’s suspicions spur Donna on with her police interview, but will she be forced to choose between career and kin?

Viv is depressed by the failure of her book launch but Freddie could save the day – if she gives him a chance.

Jamie is forced to cover his tracks when Louise spots Amelia’s business card amongst his belongings, but the mask slips when Louise sees the pair together. Is Louise really ready to trade in her toy boy?

With Andy’s future hanging in the balance, is Jack’s family falling apart? He is furious when Victoria goes missing on the day of her court appearance but calms when she reveals she’s been at Sarah’s grave. What he doesn’t know is that she has been receiving hate-filled text messages, and they don’t help her composure in court.

Katie’s offer to act as surrogate mum for Perdy and Gray seems to be causing all sorts of problems. Matthew tries to convince her that she’s making a mistake, and offers to double her fee not to go through with it. With Gray becoming irritable, Katie doesn’t know which way to turn.

Meanwhile Paul is so distracted by the news that he fails to register Jonny’s suggestion of arranging to have a civil partnership in January. But the plan could stumble before then when Emily tells the Bishop, who has a word with Ashley.

Poor Ashley also gets a ticking off from Hillary for his frolics with Laurel, and is even more put out when Viv fills her in on Ashley’s past indiscretions with other villagers. Hillary may have other frolics to worry about, however, as Lily lures Doug out for a drink to discuss her blown fuse…

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