Hollyoaks Round Up – October 24, 2007

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Tony and Jacqui get an answer from the adoption agency, but now Jacqui gives Tony an ultimatum: choose her or his son by Tessie. Instead, stressed out Tony trades tales of woe with a drunken Mercedes, but then one thing leads to another and they end up in bed.

Tina struggles to cope with Pete’s increasingly suggestive antics but Myra can’t help as she is too preoccupied with her own worries for Jacqui. She gets no help from Dom either. Will anybody listen to her before Pete really oversteps the mark?

Amy and Ste get a council flat, and Ste does his best to support her and Leah, but Amy is nervous when Mike turns up, and when a social work also arrives on the scene she assumes Mike called her in. Gilly offers to help Beth when she’s evicted from halls. He thinks Rhys should show more concern for his sister’s plight.

Josh attacks Beth for using Hannah’s stuff, but as Beth finally starts to settle into the family, Rhys knows he’s going to have to learn to fight his attraction. 

Carmel suggests Louise should start planning her wedding, but she is shocked when Louise explains that she may have a long wait on her hands.

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