Neighbours Round Up

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Realising Richard won’t rest until he reconnects with his former wife and estranged son, Elle tells Oliver and Rebecca what she’s done. Oliver is angry, but when he finds his frightened mother in the process of framing his father for a crime he didn’t commit, he begins to wonder if Elle was right to doubt his mother. 

Meanwhile, Declan lashes out at Rebecca for keeping him in the dark. Rebecca finds an ally in the smitten Paul, however, who promises to protect her and Declan from Richard. 

Driven to seek out his father, Oliver is confused by Richard and Rebecca’s conflicting stories and chooses to pursue a relationship with Richard, much to Rebecca’s distress. Rebecca confronts Richard, warning him that she will not give up her children to his influence without a fight.

And speaking of children… Carmella’s determined to continue her pregnancy and hints she still loves Oliver, making her mum determined to re-unite the couple. When Carmella breaks the news of the baby to Oliver, he vows to support Carmella, and breaks the news to Elle – he’s going to be a father – but this is one blow to many for exhausted Elle.

Adam tells Pepper about the death of his police partner back in the UK and she suggests he needs counselling before he joins the Australian police, but Adam firmly disagrees. At the police station, Adam proves his worth by saving his interviewer from a nasty criminal, but he then has to undergo a psych assessment that agrees with Pepper.

Karl’s investigation into Vivex Pharma’s manufacturing methods is sidetracked by an unexpected promotion, which brings with it a gorgeous and very flirtatious assistant.

Elsewhere, Stonie and Toadie seem to be running low on brotherly love, which has a knock-on effect on Rosie when she is offered a partnership at the law firm.

Ringo decides to stay in Ramsay Street and make up with Carmella, Ned and Janae are desperate for a romantic night alone, Lou returns from Russia with a money-spinning idea, and Bridget finally gets a glimpse of the mysterious Parker son!

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