Albert Square’s Lacey too wide to be a bride

October 26, 2007 by  
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Eastenders star Lacey Turner has revealed that her character’s forthcoming wedding may be in jeopardy as she has grown too big to fit into her wedding dress.

The actress, who recently scooped two top prizes at the Inside Soap Awards, told the website femalefirst that her love of junk food means she can no longer change into her costumes.

“I couldn’t get in the dress! It did fit fine before, but I had a few KFCs – and then it didn’t. It was quite embarrassing, as they had to alter it,” she said.

The revelation comes as her character Stacey Slater is set to embark on her most explosive storyline to date.

Though the exact plot details have not been released, what is known is that before she and her boyfriend Bradley manage to tie the knot, her steamy affair with his dad, Max, will be revealed.

Earlier this week Hollywood star Sienna Miller revealed that she would love to join the Albert Square regulars, telling Digital Spy: “I’m quite good at the ‘Alright darlin’.”

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