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Russell BrandRussell Brand is one of those people that you either love or hate. He has his own particular look which is like a goth/ageing rocker with back-combed dark hair, heavy doses of eye liner and skin tight black trousers. In Russell Brand’s Ponderland, he does what he does best – stand up comedy, rather than presenting programmes such as Big Brother’s Big Mouth or acting.

He has a particular style of delivery which takes a little getting used to. He has a definite Essex accent but uses poetic and flowery language to deliver his observations, which prompts reminders of Eddie Izzard or romantic poets and writers such as Samuel Taylor Coleridge and William Wordsworth. Aptly, the programme tonight was about Love and Romance.

Brand has been talking about his thoughts or “ponderings” on topics such as crime, sport, childhood and science. He intersperses his thoughts with clippage from old programmes or adverts. Tonight he spoke about love and romance and featured a man who thought one way of chatting up ladies was to get them interested in his “Willy” – a puppet that he placed on his private bits. He claimed that many ladies asked to see Willy.

Brand went on to talk about chocolate and sex and that the two do not mix (some people would clearly disagree). He believes that both are good on their own but should not mix and ponders what happens to mini eggs when used – fearing that the Cadbury’s Parrot will turn up!

The programme went on to feature some couples saying how they had met “We were here and she was in that spot over there” – riveting! Ironically, Brand said that some people were extremely descriptive and poetic and highly romantic in their recollections of how they met. A woman was shown explaining how she and her partner met in great detail, whilst the man looked on, wondering why he was with her. Brand himself is known for his many romantic conquests and said the reason that he was not in a committed relationship was because there was one letter difference between Monogamy and Monotony . He clearly can not spell (nor count), but has a flamboyant way with words – a watchable series.

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