Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares

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Gordon RamsayIn Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, chef extraordinaire, Gordon Ramsay visits failing restaurants and kitchens in an attempt to examine their menus, food and business to see whether he can give advice on making a restaurant profitable.
In this first episode of a new series, Gordon Ramsay visited “Ruby Tates”, a fish restaurant in Brighton. The restaurant was run by former actor Allan Love, with two chefs, lazy Jamie and hot-tempered Alex.  Allan had just borrowed money to keep the business afloat. He had also put his house on the market and risked losing that as well as his business.

Gordon Ramsay asked two people to visit the restaurant and order on his behalf (this was so that he did not receive any “special treatment”). He then ate with the couple and had Fruit de Mer as starter (which he described as like eating the inside of a golf ball) with Seabass for the main meal. The whole meal cost £175, very expensive for the area and was disgusting.

Ramsay then visited the kitchen and was shocked by the attitude of the two chefs , who were there just to earn money and move on.  The chefs did not even know where to purchase local fish, and showed Ramsay pre-cooked lobster (affecting the taste) and opened mussels (which were dead and could not be served). The chefs were taking advantage of Allan, who was blissfully unaware of what was happening in the kitchen.

Ramsay decided to find out why people were not visiting the restaurant and people did not like the name of the restaurant, the decor, the food nor the prices!  Gordon worked on some team building and encouraged Alan to act as a boss and show leadership skills to motivate his staff. Jamie was chosen to be Head Chef, whilst Allan’s role would be as “meeter and greeter”.

Ramsay’s first change was place local fish on the menu – Pollock, and serve it lightly battered with chips. The decor was changed (against Alan’s wishes) and the restaurant was renamed as “Love’s Fish Restaurant”.  Local celebrities Zoe Ball and Norman Cook were invited to the relaunch and the turnover on the night was £2,000 rather than the normal £200.

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