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Picture of Sohail, one of the lead charactersBritz is a hard hitting and thought provoking drama following the life of a young Muslim man and his sister following the 9/11 attacks.

Student Sohail is studying law in London and intensely proud of the fact that he is British. He finds it difficult being a Muslim in Britain. He is from Bradford and returns there one weekend to find armed police and many of his friends wearing traditional Muslim dress. His sister, Nasima is a medical student and holds more extreme views, not wanting to be in Britain.

He attends a group meeting where he is told that the Quran says that you should not take up arms against a country which gives you sanctuary, but being born in a country is different.  Upset at the message, Sohail undertakes a surveillance exercise and interview to join MI5, where he finds many of the families under surveillance are Muslim. He joins MI5 whilst conducting a double life as a student.

Sohail is put in a difficult position, as he finds that one of his friends, Sajid is linked into a network of people associated with the attempted bombings in London. MI5 suspect that the Jiu-jitsu meetings that both Sajid and Sohail attend are actually an excuse for Jihad meetings. Later Sajid is arrested apparently on drink driving charges by a highly racist Policeman, but the charges are related to terrorism.

After finding out that Nasima had a boyfriend, Jude (a Black non-muslim), her family took her to Pakistan with the intention of finding her a husband. Her  boyfriend followed her but she ran away and he was given a severe beating.  Sohail’s sister was apparently  found dead,  sexually assaulted and her body burned.

Back in the UK, Sohail decifers a message about two towers and sees footage of an Asian female entering a house in London. He is convinced that someone is trying to enter the country and asks for airports to be closed. His boss cannot afford the resources, so Sohail takes matters into his own hands and heads for Canary Wharfe and the scene of an outdoor concert. There he meets his sister Nasima just as she is about to become a suicide bomber.  Tomorrow’s episode of Britz looks at  Nasima’s story.

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