Coronation Street Round Up – October 31, 2007

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Rosie is excited when John and Fiz move into the flat, but her bubble is burst when he reveals that he doesn’t want to see her anymore. Will she let John go so easily?  

It seems the answer is no. At school Rosie arrives dressed to thrill. But her efforts to appeal to her teach have an effect on her fellow pupils, too – not all of it good. She soon gets into a catfight and John splits them up and calls Sally, who walks in just as Rosie’s seduction plan works.  

Flustered, John distracts Sally by agreeing to give her more lessons, but this infuriates Fiz, who is convinced they are having an affair.  

With Rosie doing her best to cause trouble, Sally still hoping there’s a chance and Fiz more suspicious than ever, how will John get himself out this mess? 

Fed up with Jerry’s interfering, and her role as full-time skivvy and surrogate mum, Jodie packs her bags and announces that she’s moving to London, leaving Jerry struggling to cope. 

Lloyd, meanwhile, takes Claire to a singles night to forget their romantic problems.
Sean and Marcus return from a family christening and despite Sean being very well received by Marcus’s family, he’s clearly preoccupied. Sean feels bitterly rejected by Violet’s assertion that it’s her baby, not his, and his unhappiness is clear to his workmates. Violet, meanwhile, seems to be letting Jamie back into her life.

As Sarah exhausts herself by working two jobs, and Jason is comforted by Becky when he reveals how terrible he feels that he can’t provide for his family. With a little help from Audrey, however, Jason manages to woo his wife with a romantic meal which infuriates David. 

Liz and Vernon return to the pub, but instead of moving out again as Steve planned, thy sit tight. With both couples wanting the place to themselves, who will win the battle for the Rovers? 

Liam arrives back and everyone’s pleased to see him, not least Carla, but she appears put out when she sees how happy Liam is with Maria.

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