EastEnders Round Up

October 31, 2007 by  
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Life is never easy for the residents of Albert Square, and this week even their traditional solace of The Vic can provide no refuge as it is raided in what proves a violent, disorientating and terrifying attack for the locals.

Meanwhile, Billy is worried. The baby is due but he and Honey are evicted from their flat. With no safe haven, things take a terrifying turn when Honey is involved in a scuffle. Will the baby by all right?

Billy and Honey are not the only ones cast out into the cold, as Steven begs for a bed for the night.

Even when something seems to be going right, it can’t be relied upon. Jase finally has something positive in his life – a date with Dawn – but something sinister is brewing, and Jase hits the self-destruct button once and for all…

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