Emmerdale Round Up – October 31, 2007

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Jonny and Paul’s simple misunderstanding about their forthcoming nuptials forms a rift between them that ultimately drives Paul into Gray’s arms. The following morning, however, Gray rejects Paul who, in despair, confesses what he’s done to Jonny. 

Back home, Gray keeps his gay liaison secret and criticizes Perdy for her jealousy of Katie, who has moved in for the pregnancy. 

Elsewhere, Debbie fails to hide her new man Sean from the Dingles. A jealous Eli follows them on a date and even steals a kiss from Debbie before she makes her displeasure brutally clear with a knee to the groin. 

Later, however, Eli sees Sean kiss another woman and tells Debbie. Despite the obvious set-up, Debbie goes with Eli to see for herself and flies off the handle, crushing Sean’s car. Not surprisingly, after revealing the woman is his sister, Sean tells Debbie they are through, giving Eli the chance he’s been waiting for. 

Lily throws an impressive cocktail party and Edna worries that Doug has fallen for her sister. Lily has other things on her mind, however, suffering from arthritis and allowing Sam and Belle to make wine in the poly-tunnel she rents from Rodney, but trouble brews when Belle overloads the mix and it blows up in Rodney’s face.

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