Hollyoaks Round Up October 31, 2007

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Louise is starting to have doubts about whether she can trust Warren and asks Carl – one of Warren’s old friends – to help her find out if he is up to his old tricks again.

Meanwhile, Ste admits swiping the credit card but begs Warren not to report him to police.

Warren tells Louise he has recovered his credit card from Ste, but she is still suspicious, until he throws a lavish engagement party.

However, Ste is out for revenge after Warren thrown his cannabis away, and puts a match to Evissa – just as Louise slips out of her party and goes to Evissa.

Luckily, Calvin rescues Louise, but she lies motionless.

Later, Katy suspects that Warren burned down Evissa for the insurance. But a furious Warren wants to find the real culprit, and it doesn’t take him long.

Elsewhere, Mike lambasts Kathy for reporting Amy to social services, Jake gets his wires crossed, and Steph gets a chance to prove her singing talents at least are greater than Summer’s.

Working at the pool, Gilly sees a little boy in tears emerge from Simon’s cubicle, and promptly suspects him of being a paedophile.

Carmel turns up at Louise’s engagement party with Louise’s ex, Calvin. And Jake admits to Nancy his insecurity at being friendless and jobless.

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