Neighbours Round Up October 31, 2007

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Rebecca decides to report Richard for his crime of 17 years ago, even if that means telling Declan everything, but he is one step ahead of her – arranging to meet with Richard himself.

 Rebecca visits her father, Alan Napier, in hospital. He offers to help her in her case against Richard but dies before they can put the wheels of justice in motion.

 Declan lures Richard to the river fishing spot where a confrontation sees Richard fight for his life…

 Rebecca finally finds the strength to report Richard, but when she arrives at the Police Station, Richard’s already there – reporting Declan for attempted murder! He then issues Rebecca with a spine-chilling threat.

 Toadie and Rosie are at loggerheads, until she discovers the real culprit is Stonie. The brothers row again and Toadie orders Stonefish out of the house, despite Steph’s pleas.

 Toadie then turns on boss Tim and quits – jumping before he is pushed. Rosie follows suit and the duo decide to set up their own practice together.

 Things take another turn for the better when Stonie’s estranged wife hits town to mend bridges, but Stonie’s first new client turns out to be Kirsten – in town to kidnap Mickey.

 Rosie, meanwhile, is too busy to listen to Frazer’s plea to start a family.

 Christian directs Karl to be the public face of a new Vivex Pharma campaign to export pharmaceutical drugs to the third world. Convinced the company is sending defective drugs, Karl breaks into the Vivex warehouse to steal a sample of the drugs for testing. Julia ‘assists’ Karl with his subversive break-in, but the duo are trapped and Karl is arrested. Julia’s conscience is piqued, however, and she decides to come clean and name Christian as the real culprit – even at the cost of implicating herself.

 Elsewhere, Adam’s practical police assessments begin. Can he overcome doubts about his emotional problems?

 Riley is reunited with his family but has no intention of returning to his veterinary studies, opting for journalism instead. But is he hiding something else?

 Bridget and Miranda track Riley down and convince him to come home to Erinsborough.

 Elle and Oliver’s split gives Carmella food for thought, and Lucia is convinced they could reunite….

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