Janus keen to follow in Michelle’s action footsteps

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Eastenders star Samantha Janus has revealed that she would love to swap Albert Square for the Hollywood hills.

After her character Ronnie Mitchell scrapped with Roxy, the actress has expressed her wish to take on more action roles and see Los Angeles as the ideal place to realise this ambition.

Earlier this year former Walford regular Michelle Ryan landed the part of the Bionic Woman in a Hollywood remake of the classic series.

“You don’t get to so that much as a woman, particularly on British TV,” the 35-year old told Bang Showbiz.

“If you work in The States it’s much better and they get to do stunts and stuff.

“I’ve only ever done one thing like that before, it was science fiction where I got to be quite physical, and I liked that, it was strange,” she added.

The comments come on the day that the death of the soap’s creator, Tony Holland, was announced.

The 67-year old writer and scriptwriter created Eastenders in 1971 alongside Julia Smith.

Corrie’s David reveals his bedroom antics

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Jack P Shepherd’s girlfriend gets to know all about Coronation Street plotlines before the rest of the nation, as the actor wakes her up every day to rehearse his lines, it has been revealed.

The star, who plays troubled teen David Platt, has recently moved in with his girlfriend of five years, Lauren Shippey, and the pair have revealed how they prepare for a day of filming.

Speaking to OK! magazine, Lauren said: “I absolutely hate rehearsing lines!

“The reason I hate doing them is because I like to go to bed around ten o’clock and Jack always asks me after that when I’m settled for bed.”

Despite her reluctance, Jack also revealed that his girlfriend, who he met at a party when they were both 14, does a good impression of David’s on-screen grandmother, Audrey.

The revelations come in the middle of a shocking week on the street, with several secrets set to come out.

As well as Liam catching onto Carla and Tony’s affair, Lauren learns of Sean’s loan to Violet, though Jamie, as usual, remains in the dark for the time being.

Hollyoaks Round Up – November 28, 2007

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Jake is disappointed when Nancy scoffs at his idea for a naming ceremony for Charlie. And when she tells him that she’s going to give Newt extra tutorials, Jake packs his bags and leaves.

Later, however, Jake is pleased when Nancy dresses conservatively for Charlie’s naming ceremony, and Nancy is stunned as Jake produces a ring and proposes to her. But Steph notices something odd about the ring.

Darren’s loan shark tells him he will harm Zoe if he doesn’t receive his money. Desperate, Darren resorts to theft. Frankie discovers some of her jewellery is missing and  Jack is about to call the police when Darren suggests they search everyone’s room first, and makes an elaborate show of finding the jewellery in Newt’s rucksack.   Jacqui and Mercedes are stunned when Carmel tells them that the shop-lifting, fiddling with utilities and benefit fraud have to stop now that she is dating a cop. Later, new Police Community Support Officer Carmel sees Darren being mugged in broad daylight.

The reality of Ste and Amy’s dire financial situation hits home, and when Ste is unable to control his anger he loses his job. Ste and Fletch relax with some drugs until Amy unexpectedly returns, when Fletch panics and hides the bag of weed – Ste’s only source of income – in Leah’s nappy.  

OB is excited when Summer asks him to help her read her lines and tells Simon that Summer is giving him definite signals.

Amy tells Michaela that she thinks Nige is dodgy, but when Michaela meets Nige she is smitten and slips into flirt mode.

Coronation Street Round Up – November 28, 2007

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Ryan’s stalker stops the car and addresses him by name. Ryan runs to the pub, but when Liam races out he is too late to catch the driver. Who is the man and what does he want with Ryan? Liam finds out when he escorts Ryan to school and pounces on the driver – who claims to be Ryan’s father! 

Michelle racks her brains trying to think why the stalker would make such allegations. Is there any truth in his story? 

This doesn’t help when Vera gets busy looking at properties by the sea, and Jack has to break the news that their budget is smaller than she realises.  

Sarah apologises to Jason for not believing him about Becky, but he’s angry at her lack of trust. When David comes in Sarah explodes, but Gail says as they clearly can’t live under the same roof one will have to go – and it’s Sarah! 

Audrey returns with Stephen, who suggests David lacks a fatherly influence. When David learns Stephen is wealthy with offices abroad, is seems Stephen might get the job.  David’s ploy works when Stephen offers him a place in his Milan office, although Gail is unsure and Sarah is livid. Steve suggests to Lloyd that they employ Jim as Streetcars’ valet. But can the ex-con be trusted not to cause any trouble? And how will Liz feel when she finds out? 

Paul confesses to a furious Jack that he’s taken a loan out in his name, but assures him that he’s on top of it and will pay it back.  

Rosie pushes her luck once more, flirting with John when he comes round for a lesson with Sally.

Emmerdale Round Up November 28, 2007

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Gray’s PI traces Rosemary to Miami where she is masterminding her revenge on Matthew. Gray decides to tell Matthew his mother is trying to frame him but changes his mind when he overhears Matthew and Perdy making plans for their future.   Later, Gray plants some false evidence inside Matthew’s car, and Matthew is arrested on suspicion of murder. 

Matthew sacks his solicitor, and Gray intentionally winds Matthew up. Matthew falls for the trap and lunges at Gray, who signals his intention to press assault charges. 

Paul confides in Nicola about his plans to leave the village with Jonny but she wastes no time in telling Rodney. Hurt to have been kept in the dark, Rodney tells Paul he’s made the wrong choice.  

Sarah goes missing but turns up at the police station. In spite of her excuses, Andy rails at Jo for her stupidity and worries that he has nobody to look after Sarah if he’s sent to prison.  

At court, Andy is ordered to undergo a psychiatric report. Despite this, and his obvious violent temper, Jo is delighted when he wants to set a date for the wedding. 

Jack still can’t forgive and forget and Diane confides in Val that her marriage is over, but is it?Scarlett wants to celebrate her 16th birthday with party. Carrie refuses, but Jimmy convinces her to allow Scarlett a few friends over at Home Farm.

Victoria finds out and posts an open invitation online, with predictably chaotic results.

 Sam’s work and money situation is at rock bottom and he has to move into his old room. Loath to accept handouts from friends, Sam borrows money from Eli instead. 

At the cafe, auditions for Belle’s Christmas play are in full swing. Paddy and Rodney are selected as the ugly sisters, and Belle assigns herself the lead as Cinderbella.

Neighbours Round Up November 28, 2007

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Adam has decided to do some private investigation of the Gus Cleary case, to Paul’s grim satisfaction. Elle manages to unearth Gus’s sister’s address and Paul sets off to face the family of the man he believes he murdered… 

But Elle got the address from the newspaper office and Brad is soon on the case with an article about an ‘anonymous’ man having confessed to Gus’s murder without being charged, which shocks Ramsay Street – and outrages Elle.  

Oliver is served a writ from his AWOL brother Sebastian/Will contesting his stake in the Barnes empire. Oliver vows he’d rather sell everything but Tim freezes his assets.  

Important pre-exam test results are in, and the news is bad for Declan and Ringo. Rachel begs Ringo to believe in himself, encouraging him to study, but Ringo has an easier solution – he steals an exam paper. 

Declan and Bridget continue to challenge each other Ð it must be love – but it could all end in tears when they go for a joy-ride. 

Adam defends Pepper against his partner Sophie’s snipes. Impressed, Sophie secretly longs for a relationship like Pepper and Adam’s. But Pepper is beginning to feel threatened by Sophie, and at her dinner party Pepper’s insecurities peak when she thinks Sophie is flirting with Adam. 

Mickey’s down-hearted and Ned fears his son may be missing Kirsten, but Lou discovers the problem is a lot simpler than that. 

An awestruck Miranda is tongue-tied when she organises a book launch for her culinary hero, Tony Aristedes. The launch is a success and in return, Miranda asks Tony to help Steph impress fellow councillors.   Toadie decides it’s time to take the next step in his relationship and, unbeknownst to Steph, he invites their friends to Charlie’s for a very big announcement. 

EastEnders Round Up

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It is the run-up to Christmas and Billy is still desperate to keep a roof over his family’s head. He is trying to make money but is running out of options, while keeping the stark truth of their situation to himself. Will he and pregnant Honey end up spending Christmas in a stable?

Jack is causing friction in the Square. Peggy is fed up with him on their patch, stealing their business, and it seems Jack takes particular delight in getting under Phil’s nose.   Phil, however, wants nothing to do with Jack and is determined to get him out of the Square, enlisting Max’s help in his plan.

Meanwhile, Steven takes Bradley and Stacey on a night out to celebrate his birthday.  

Jade wants TV dream wedding

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Jade Goody has revealed that she is looking forward to tying the knot with Jack Tweed -on live television.

Despite falling out of favour with the British public after she was embroiled in the Celebrity Big Brother race row, the 26-year old wants to follow in the footsteps of fellow C-lister Jodie Marsh whose nuptials were broadcast on national television.

Jade and Jack’s on-off relationship got back on track just last month after it was revealed that she suffered a miscarriage.

Now they plan to get married in New York on Valentine’s Day next year and, though they are preparing for an intimate ceremony, Jade wouldn’t turn down an offer from a television company should one come along, according to a source close to the star.

“Jade is up for this being her latest foray into reality TV,” they told the Sun.

“But she has struggled this year ever since her big ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ debacle. Being caught up in the race row has sent her career into freefall.”

Apparently Jade is already trying to get into shape for the big day, while no honeymoon plans have yet surfaced.

Anna Ryder Richardson beats the Queen

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Despite all its recent controversy, the BBC’s much-anticipated documentary on the Royal Family lost out to ITV’s I’m A Celebrity….Get Me Out of Here! in the Monday night ratings war.

In comparison to the 6.7 million viewers who tuned in to see the monarchy at work, the jungle reality show attracted an audience of 7.9 million.

The latest episode of I’m A Celebrity saw the former Changing Rooms presenter Anna Ryder Richardson get the boot from the Australian wilderness after losing out in a public vote against Jason ‘J’ Brown.

The 43-year old was relieved to be leaving the show after a 16-day stint, which saw her share a rat-infested pit with fellow celebrity Christopher Biggins for a whole night in order to win a cooked breakfast for the camp.

“The jungle is fantastic,” she told hosts Ant and Dec.

“It’s kind of a prison. Even though it’s a beautiful prison.”

However, despite earlier teasing Cerys Matthews about the matter, she refused to divulge any information concerning the former Catatonia singer’s relationship with Marc Bannerman.

Rodney leaves Croc Creek camp

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Rodney Marsh has become the latest contestant to get the boot from the Australian jungle in this year’s series of I’m A Celebrity…..Get Me Out of Here!

The Manchester City legend was shown the red card after enduring 14 weeks on the reality show, over which time he managed to wind up a number of a his fellow contestants, most notably the PR guru Lynne Franks.

“I think it’s fair to say she did irritate me,” he admitted

“I despise everything she stands for… I acted like a five-year-old kid sometimes,” he added, “but what you see is what you get. Am I sorry about that? No I’m not.” 

Despite being well known for speaking his mind – a character trait he puts to good use in his current employment as a TV football pundit – Marsh’s antics have been overshadowed by the relationship between Marc Bannerman and Cerys Matthews, a fact he was quick to acknowledge.

“From the first time they met, you could tell there was something between them,” he said.

“They just seemed to get on fantastically, they just connected.”

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