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Celebrity ScissorhandsCelebrity Scissorhands is a celebrity reality tv show about 9 celebrities who are learning how to cut and style hair and administer beauty treatments. The programme is part of a series to raise money for the BBC “Children in Need” campaign which airs on November 16th.

Top stylist Lee Stafford manages the salon with Steve Strange (winner of the first series of Celebrity Scissorhands) as Assistant Manager. The celebrities include Tamara Beckwith, Javine, Warwick Davies (who needs to stand on a chair) and Aled Hadyn Jones from the Chris Moyles Radio One show.  The format of the show is similar to “The Salon” and the celebrities have 3 weeks to get as much practice as possible before they cut hair in front an audience of professionals.
Clients book a session at “The Academy” online and pay however much they think their hair do or beauty treatment is worth (with proceeds going to Children in Need).

Tonight’s programme showed that the celebrities have improved a little in their skills, although they still do not cut hair well – Tamara took and hour and a half over one client and Lee Stafford though she was making excuses when she ignored his advice. She is actually one of the more methodical of the celebrities and knows how to section the hair. She also consults the clients and explains what she will be doing.

Lee Stafford asked Steve Strange to assist in managing staff and he needed to determine why Ninia had turned up 45 minutes late (traffic) and why Tamara ignored advice and made most of her clients less than glamorous. He demonstrated that his management skills were as poor as his cutting skills and quoted Lee’s criticisms “word for word” without actually having observed the problems themselves!

A few members of the Eastenders cast turned up at The Academy for facials and manicures (not trusting their hair to be cut).  Would you trust a celebrity with the scissors?

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