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Have I Got News For YouHave I Got News For You is a satirical panel show , where two teams chaired by Private Eye Editor Ian Hislop and comedian Paul Merton are quizzed on the week’s news.  Since the departure of regular host Angus Deayton  five years ago, the programme has had a guest presenter. It is hard to believe that this is now the 34th series, but Have I Got News For You has been running since 1990. Over the years, the guest presenters have included Boris Johnson, Bruce Forsyth, Charles Kennedy, Alexander Armstrong and William Hague.

The show has a regular format with footage of the week’s news, odd one out, spin the wheel, caption competition and guessing the remaining words in a headline (which usually includes a lesser known periodical such as “Goat World”).

This week’s guest presenter was comedienne Jo Brand and the team captains were joined by journalist Julia Hartley-Brewer on Ian’s team, and comedy writer Andy Hamilton on Paul’s.

This week’s guest presenter was Jo Brand and there was no shortage of news stories about King Abdullah’s state visit to the UK (controversial because of Saudi Arabia’s history on human rights issues); the changing number of immigrants and a member of the Royal family being blackmailed (they clearly knew who that was).  There was the regular amount of sarcasm and hilarity and Andy Hamilton quipped that he could not get used to these metric MPs such as David Miliband and preferred it when they were imperial – such as Michael Foot.

For one of the odd one out rounds, the link was “in love with a wizard” and the revelation this week that Dumbledore – fictional wizard from the Harry Potter books was gay.

Have I Got News For You is a great programme for a Friday night and works because of the knowledge (or lack of it of the teams), Ian Hislop’s political sarcasm and Paul Merton’s off-the-wall observations.

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