EastEnders to stay at 4 times a week

November 5, 2007 by  
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The BBC has decided against increasing the number of EastEnders episodes broadcast on its channels each week and will stick with its winning four-times-a-week formula, it has been revealed.

Consideration was being given by BBC bosses to the idea of having five instalments of the popular soap shown each week, but the proposal has been shelved in an effort to ensure that programming schedules remain “distinctive”, reports the Associated Press.

Sir Michael Lyons, chairman of the BBC Trust, said: “There is always a tension for the BBC here, between distinctiveness and competitiveness – since it is much easier to gain competitive edge by concentrating on certain genres than others, but only with a loss of distinctiveness.

“That’s the challenge we’ve put to the executive and the executive’s recent decision, for example, not to commission a fifth weekly episode of EastEnders, reflects their response to our challenge to them to keep BBC schedules distinctive.”

EastEnders was named Most Popular Serial Drama at the recent National Television Awards and Lacey Turner picked up the award for the Most Popular Actress for her portrayal of Stacey Slater.

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